Everlast Memorials

“May the stars carry your sadness, may the flowers fill your heart with beauty.”

Memories made for you


At Everlast memorials we have developed a number of unique tombstone styles in our portfolio of products that are not only designed to look elegant and dignified, but that also meet the financial needs of our clients.

Our tombstones are synthetically crafted and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Our each tombstone is available in a range of colours, shapes and preferences that give families the opportunity to select just the right one for their dearly departed, for them to customise and cherish.

Qualities that make our tombstones so unique:

  • All our tombstones can be personalised with pictures;
  • Our colours are UV-protected (ultra-violet light) and will not fade or deteriorate under the harsh African sun over time;
  • We have a special palette of colours available including maroon, silver, gunmetal grey, pink and blue;
  • We provide a beautiful glitter-effect which contains real metal flakes and pearl dust;
  • There is no sagging / sinking of the stone over time, keeping the grave respectable;
  • Our stones are easy to maintain and clean with minimal effort;
  • Our materials are very strong and durable;
  • All our tombstones are made from modern materials;
  • Our tombstones are easy to install, meaning the tombstone can be installed on the day of the funeral;
  • Our synthetic stones cannot be re-used or sold for scrap, making it a safer investment than traditional tombstones;
  • Our tombstones can be repaired if damaged; and
  • We have strict quality control.


Our fiberglass gravestones offer many advantages over traditional ones: they are maintenance-free, as unlike stone, they are not porous and thus discourage the growth of algae and other decolourants.