Everlast Memorials

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

Memories made for you


Everlast Memorials has not only been a reliable manufacturer of tombstones, but has always been a company deeply involved with the communities it serves. We strongly believe that it is the social responsibility of every business to give back and support their communities where possible to create upliftment and a better quality of life for all.

As such, Everlast Memorials are passionately involved in a number of important initiatives for the betterment of our society and our country at large. We are strong advocates of the empowerment of women and the youth, where we see financial independence and education as a cornerstone to achieving these critical objectives.

One of these initiatives is looking at financial education as we firmly believe this will empower
and equip women and youths in our communities with the knowledge, skills and confidence to
take charge of their lives and build a more secure future for themselves and their families.
We see supporting financial education as a critical long-term investment in our people and
ultimately in the well-being of our country.

The empowerment of women in South Africa is about dealing with the transformation of our society and economic inclusion is essential not only for advancing gender equality, but in fundamentally changing the living conditions of women. It enables them to take greater control over their lives. It also makes them less vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation. We are firmly committed to helping women to becoming economically independent and taking their rightful place in our society.


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