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“May the hope of heaven give you peace, and the tender touch of God bring you comfort

Memories made for you


Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences that anyone can ever go through, and as much as people around you will tell you to ‘be strong’ and ‘keep your chin up’, the grief and deep sense of loss you are feeling during this difficult time can be quite overwhelming.

For most people in South Africa, the funeral and how the loved one that passed on is honored and celebrated in death, is of great importance. For them, the way the person is buried, celebrates the way they lived. One of the important symbols of this honoring, is the tombstone that is erected after the funeral.

A tombstone remains as a reminder of a life well lived and the important place this person held in the hearts and minds of their family, their friends, and their community. It is important to ensure the tombstone is worthy of the message it carries and that it remains in good condition and everlasting.

At Everlast Memorials we do everything in our power to ensure that your loved one’s passing receives the kind of respect and reverence that a departed soul deserves.

The way you pay tribute to and honour your loved one should not be dictated by budget and that is why we have developed a unique way to provide you with just the right tombstone for your dearly departed.

Everlast Memorials have a proud heritage of providing headstones and tombstones to families across South Africa. You can feel confident in putting your trust in the hands of
our compassionate professionals, whether you’re planning ahead, or during your time of need.

We are available nationwide to take you through our available options in the comfort of your own home, helping reduce the financial burden on your family at this difficult time.

The cost of a funeral can significantly vary, but our caring staff will take you through all our cost-effective tombstone options, to ensure that your loved one is honoured with a headstone they deserve without having to restrict your choices because of price.

We serve families in many different financial situations and communities and we have a solution to serve every budget. With us you have a variety of options available so that you can honour your loved one in just the right way, customised to just the right message.


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